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2023's biggest and best skincare trends, according to Transformulas' Founder Rosi Chapman.

2023's biggest and best skincare trends, according to Transformulas' Founder Rosi Chapman.


Ever since TikTok introduced the 'that girl' and 'glazed doughnut' trend among many others, glowy and natural skin has been all the rage. And 2023 is no different, the natural and clean skin trend is just getting started. Thanks to celebs like Hailey Bieber, less makeup is the new new. 2023 is set to see us all working on getting as glowy skin as possible, and the best way to do that is with ultimate hydration. Hiding imperfections is no longer the goal - feeling confident in your own skin is. The Transformulas Marine Miracle Crème allows your skin to become softer, vibrant and more firm, really locking in that glow you will be after next year. Deeply hydrating for dry and tired skin without that heavy, oily feeling you can find in other creams, you'll​ find the​ anti-ageing properties reduce fine lines and wrinkles​ and add a sheen across the skin.​ SPF is also in its heyday - everyone now knows that without it, wrinkles, fine lines and even cancer risks go up hugely. Starting the day with an SPF moisturiser will keep skin protected all day - I really predict that consumers will start to go for dual products like the Flawless Photoglow SPF 30+ in order to double up products and hydrate the skin whilst protecting it at the same time. It's a sure way to get the natural glow you're after while also making sure you're safe from the sun's rays.



I'm starting to see a rise in matching skincare to self care on a deeper level - as seen on Pinterest with aesthetic skincare set ups in bathrooms. People are now taking their time with skincare and enjoying the application of each product and how it makes them feel. It's more than ​just ​applying products for visual​ ​g​ain, it's now about soothing the soul​ and helping reset your mood for the evening, or the day ahead. Products for these self care moments include serums like the FlawLess EyeWakeup serum, which will revitalise and awaken the eye area ready for the day. It reinvigorates tired skin immediately, reducing eye bags and crows feet as well as soothes and smoothens your skin, strengthening the skin from the inside.​ Exactly what this trend is all about. 



​2023 is set to see consumers looking for 2 in 1 products more than ever. Since COVID, people have been getting busier and busier as we approached normality, and thus an increase in simplified skincare has arisen. As above, consumers want healthy, glowing skin which doubles up as a self care ritual, but they don't have all the time in the world. To be able to apply a serum which doubles up as concealer before they head to the office is a huge benefit and we're really seeing it start to trend. The Transformulas FlawLess EyeRetouch is a 2 in 1 serum and concealer which offers instant visible results that boost luminosity to the face. Profoundly nourishing with clinically proven de-ageing ingredients Eyeseryl® and Gatuline, it reduces dark circles, smooth fine lines and wrinkles while​ covering the signs of a bad night's sleep with a creamy application that blends into your skin tone.



Now this, I'm predicting will be big. In our FlawLess PhotoGlow SPF 30+ we have included cosmetic drone technology - a highly effective targeted skin care delivery system that’s medically developed to direct active ingredients to specific skin cells that need treating, by penetrating the skin's protective barrier. This ensures active ingredients remain stable and directed to specific skin cells for transformative results. It assists a targeted delivery of active ingredients, helping to boost skin cell energy levels for instant, glowing, radiant skin and to help correct and prevent the formation of new age spots and pigmentation. The technology works by selectively targeting fibroblast cells for the most effective way to deliver active ingredients into the skin, resulting in less skin irritation as actives don’t sit on the surface but delivered exactly where needed​. I'm predicting that consumers will start to see the evidence based results of drone technology and look for products which harness it.


Now at Transformulas, we saw the benefits of Algae a long time ago when we created the Marine Miracle Créme. ​The product has been around for years and includes sea derived ingredients, rich in minerals and nutrients – which help detoxify, rejuvenate and hydrate skin. Incredibly popular in skincare, algae is on the rise for being packed with proteins, amino acids, lipids, and other vital nutrients that your skin needs to be at its best.

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