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According to our founder, here are 3 non-invasive skincare alternatives to filler and botox

According to our founder, here are 3 non-invasive skincare alternatives to filler and botox

In case you didn't know already, our founder Rosi started Transformulas due to her fear of needles. Our mission is to allow people to feel long-term confidence in their skin, regardless of age. We believe wholeheartedly that a natural, glowing visage is possible without needles or going under the knife. There are so many options out there now which are trusted alternatives to botox and filler - including topical products. Our FaceFixers range was created for this reason. Loved by celebrities and makeup artists, the 3 products in the range have just had a colossal rebrand, and are used by names including Trinny Woodall. The range aims to sculpt, lift and firm the eyes and lips without the need for that filler appointment you were considering. Let us show you the way to your #IconicLift with our #MagicFaceFixers.  

For the lips - this one is for anyone who's been considering lip fillers but isn't sure...

You can cancel that lip filler appointment now you know about these. Our LipVolume Original + Voluptuous LipVolume cult-loved serums are scientifically proven to increase volume, definition and hydration without any sting. Both products set out to define your lips and really emphasise the shape and pout of your lips, whilst lasting hours. Clinical studies showcase an increase in all cases of volume, definition, hydration & condition of the lips, with 3D measurements proving that actual lip size increased by 40%. Not only that but Vitro Testing (cell analysis) shows that collagen synthesis is increased by 350%.

LipVolume Original, £36, is the formulation for you if you're looking for a tantalising 3D effect, an instant fresh breath sensation and a slight tingle to plump the lips over a 30 day usage of 2 to 3 times daily. If you've been weighing up getting lip fillers for a while and things are holding you back, there's probably a reason. This is the perfect alternative - offering an acute increase of hydration to the lip and a burst of collagen, you'll see an increase in natural plumpness, firmness to the lip line, with smoothness and a decrease in lip lines the more you use the product. If you're looking for a day to day lip serum to keep you hydrated, plump and to increase your pout over time, this is the one for you.

Voluptuous LipVolume, £36, is perfect for the impatient among us. If you're looking for an instant plumper which injects fullness into your pout, this pen will do that as soon as the formula is applied. It provides all the great benefits of LipVolume Original, but puts power into your pout instantlyThe ingenious formulation contains Sodium Hyaluronate which swells when in contact with watergiving a long-term plumping effect. It also has anti-free radical action to protect lips from pollution.

To apply both products, apply to the cupid bow and to the centre bottom (spongy) part of the lower lip - this is key to improve and boost volume as much as possible! 

For the eyes - let's lift, sculpt and firm the entire eye area...

You don't need to go for that expensive botox appointment or worry about anything as dramatic as a face lift once you try the Transformulas EyeLifting in a Tube, £36. Our 'eyelift in a tube' delivers the ultimate boost; crafting tired, heavy, hooded eyes and brows into a sublime structure. It restores resilience, smooths the appearance of fine lines and elevates skin around the eyes for a rejuvenating raise. Combining naturally derived ingredients with  excellent application for targeted and nourishing results, it can be used to help set your eyebrow pencil/powder too. One application and it’ll stay put all day. For best results use on bare, product-free skin, avoid moisturising on top as this can counteract the lift.

Application is really important for maximum results - we recommend that you apply the EyeLifting in a Tube following your brow line and wait for it to absorb and become slightly sticky, THEN and only then using your fore fingers firmly sweep in and upper ward motion and in the direction inner to outer brow, following the brow line. Holding uppers, the arch of the brow for a few seconds. This helps with drainage and creates muscle memory to lift the brows, immediately and long term.

Say hello to INSTANTLY lifted eyes and plump lips - with no needles or possible side effects in sight. Shop the range here.

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