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Drone Technology Takes Skincare to New Heights: The Innovative Formulation of Transformulas' PhotoGlow

Drone Technology Takes Skincare to New Heights: The Innovative Formulation of Transformulas' PhotoGlow

Over the past few years, the skincare industry has undergone a significant shift, and we've noticed it. Consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the ingredients in their products, and are demanding more from the brands they use. With so much information readily available online, skincare consumers are now more informed than ever about the latest ingredients and technologies that can make a difference in their skin. Consumers are also interested in the technology behind their skincare products. From smart skincare devices that use artificial intelligence to analyse the skin and recommend personalized routines, to apps that allow users to track their progress and get customized recommendations, technology is becoming increasingly important in the world of skincare.

For Transformulas, that means pushing the boundaries of what's possible with our formulations, and investing in cutting-edge technology like drone technology to deliver truly ground breaking products. But what exactly is drone technology, and how does it work in skincare? At its core, drone technology is a way of delivering active ingredients to specific cells within the skin. By using tiny particles that can penetrate deep into the skin, drones are able to target the cells that need the most attention, rather than simply delivering ingredients to the surface of the skin where they may not be as effective.

In the case of PhotoGlow, this means that the product is able to work deep within the skin to combat the signs of aging, improve skin tone and texture, and deliver intense hydration for a glowing, radiant complexion. And because the drones are able to precisely target the necessary cells, PhotoGlow is able to deliver these benefits more effectively than many other products on the market. On top of this tech, Transformulas makes use of Squalane in the product, found naturally in the skin, and derived from plants, this super charged hydrator prevents loss of hydration. A true natural antioxidant. We also include Suncat MTA - new generation photo-stable, encapsulated UV filter technology, which gives maximum skin protection, but reduces the direct contact of UV filters with the skin, lowering risk of skin irritation, making PhotoGlow perfect for sensitive skins. Not only does it protect against damage from pollution, but also the sun and yucky harmfuls like cigarette smoke. The product also incorporates Broad Spectrum protection against UVA & UVB, and gives your skin a burst of Illumiscin, which reduces and protects against discoloration, age spots and pigmentation and helps even skin tone and increases skin luminosity.

Our use of drone technology in our PhotoGlow Daily Skin Radiance SPF 30+ is just one example of how the skincare industry is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of consumers. And as more brands invest in innovative formulations and cutting-edge technology, we can expect to see even more exciting advancements in the world of skincare in the years to come. At Transformulas, we're sure to be at the forefront of that wave!

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