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How to keep a goddess glow with the ‘Moisture Sandwiching’ technique

How to keep a goddess glow with the ‘Moisture Sandwiching’ technique - Transformulas

Another trend has hit in the world of beauty and skincare that promises to be the most low-effort/high-performing technique we’ve seen yet! Popularised as the secret technique of Hailey Bieber to keep her radiant glow last through the day, while deeply nourishing and protecting your skin barriers, this technique has hit the skincare world and we’re here to give you all the tips and tricks for glowing, hydrating skin!

Many skincare experts discuss ‘locking-in’ moisture, but due to irregularities in our skin it can prove to be difficult for our products to work to the best of their ability without the help of thorough application, but with certain techniques we can be sure to utilise our products benefits to the best of their ability. This skin-saving technique, originating in Korea, means to keep one’s skin damp throughout their entire skincare routine. Damp skin is found to be much more receptive to products by absorbing the ingredients into the skin better than towel-dried, so to keep our skin dewy through our everyday routine is the best way to stay hydrated through any weather.

The key to the method is first cleansing your skin, then keeping your face damp while applying your active and hydrating products on top. Originally based on the “3 second method” Korean skincare secret of applying your product just three seconds after washing your face, “Moisture sandwiching” takes out the towel-drying aspect of this step. We discuss deep nourishment and long-lasting effects in our blogs, the “moisture sandwiching” technique is one that penetrates into the layers of our skin to work its magic and hydrate skin from within and leave a lasting ‘goddess’ glow for the world to see!

For the moisture aspect in our sandwich, hand washing with tap water is perfectly fine although skincare experts and influencers prefer to wet their skin with a hydrating mist as an added bonus to their routine.

“Moisture sandwiching” is an incredibly effective technique but definitely to be used with caution if you find your skin to be oilier. It’s also best not to use alongside retinol products or products that may induce irritation in the skin as the technique will only heighten those effects and cause a reaction to your skin.

To utilise the techniques to its full potential, we find that having the highest quality products will work wonders for your skin and the hydrating process. We have some of our favoured products listed for our readers to use in their routine to get the best possible results with the hydrating techniques.


Flawless PhotoGlow SPF 30+:


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Flawless Eye Wakeup Serum:


This first-aid for eyes treatment, works instantly revitalising the eye area, reducing puffiness and dark shadows, smoothing skin and minimising wrinkles. A super powered formula with Hyaluronic Acid and Eyeseryl ® targets signs of ageing around the eyes. This deeply hydrates, firms and boosts skin elasticity for immediate eye enhancing results.

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Marine Duo:


This duo is designed to reset your skin and deliver de-ageing results. Covering all your daily skin care needs for face and eyes, our supercharged, anti-ageing formulas are loaded with potent, active ingredients, antioxidants and sea marine extracts that work on a cellular level, this hydrating duo teamed up with the “moisture sandwiching” technique will be your new favourite hydrating formula on the market! 

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