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How your skin repairs overnight- you may sleep but your skin doesn't!

How your skin repairs overnight- you may sleep but your skin doesn't!

When night time rolls around the last thing we are thinking about is our skin. Between preparing for busy weeks, tidying the house or just trying to get a good night's sleep, we simply don’t have time to even think about what is also happening once we shut our eyes. Skin not only breathes whilst we are sleeping but also regenerates. We are here to tell you today about how to get the most out of your skin whilst you are sleeping! 

Do you really know everything about your skin?

The first thing to know is that whilst you are sleeping your skin really does work harder than any time of the day. Not only does it heal itself but also prepares your skin for the next day. So next time you wake up glowing, you know why! It can even repair damaged skin so any imperfections or overworked skin can be restored and rejuvenated. 

What actually happens once you shut your eyes?

The skin can double its cell production between the hours of 11pm and 4am, meaning the term ‘beauty sleep’ should be taken quite literally. If you are staying up until early hours you are missing vital skin regeneration time. If you do manage to get ahead of the schedule and go to sleep by 11pm then you should be able to achieve a deep sleep by 2am.This allows you to possibly triple your cell production meaning your skin will work to minimise dark circles and fight against skin ageing. 

And what does this mean for you?

Picture this, glowy, restored and refreshed skin. During those hours if your skin is over producing cells it can really benefit you. Not only will it improve the skin but it can also regulate hormones in the body, meaning you will not only wake up with great skin but also with a great feeling. Somatotropin is also released during this time , this aids skin regeneration and reconstruction of cells. So to sum it up, you need that beauty sleep! 

How can you help your skin during this time? 

When you are asleep, your skin has the highest level of blood flow, this can increase body temperature which triggers your body to repair your skin. With that being said, it is important that you go to bed with the right products. A great product to apply before you go to sleep is the Marine Miracle Créme. This features an ultra hydrating formula so whilst your skin is doing its own repairs it can also reap the benefits of this product. I would also recommend the FlawLess EyeWakeup Serum, although your skin is doing all the hard work you still have to carry that on into the AM. Applying the right products when you wake up is essential for prolonging these results. EyeWakeup attracts moisture and regenerates tired skin.  

Now that you know more about what is going on whilst you are resting, you know how important your skin is and how hard it is working for you. Pay it a favour back and be sure to remove makeup properly, nourish it with rich products and treat it right! And if you have taken anything from this, be sure to go to sleep at the right time and allow your skin that time to rest and recover!

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