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Let us banish your fears- welcome to the world of Silicone Dimethicone

Let us banish your fears- welcome to the world of Silicone Dimethicone

We know what you fear, the most glowing and clear skin and then out of nowhere, blocked pores and congestion. With the constant rumours and uncertainty around the subject we understand your fears. We are here today to banish them and put the rumours straight. Get ready for fabulous looking skin.

Let's begin from the start, what actually is Silicone Dimethicone? 

Believe it or not, it is actually a naturally derived mineral. Silicone Dimethicone includes oxygen atoms making it super safe for sensitive and reaction prone skin. It also does not include any active ingredients, this makes it stable enough to be used with various other ingredients and skincare products.  

What does it do?

You know when you apply your product and have that oh so smooth feeling, yes that's silicone. Different silicones can provide a lot of various benefits. Silicone can be smoothing, water resistant and have layering properties making it the ultimate skincare must have! You can find Silicone Dimethicone in a lot of our products which work directly to moisture, soften and give your skin that luscious velvet feeling.  

Will it clog my pores?

Would we use it if it did- absolutely not! There are so many myths about whether silicone will block your pores and ruin your skin, but it is all wrong. As long as you cleanse your skin properly each day, you will remove all unwanted traces of the product and this will not be left to clog the pore. Exactly the same way as cleansing any other products from your skin. As tough as silicone is, it will still allow your skin to breathe and act normal day to day. 

Why do we love it? Or better yet, why will you love it?

Silicone has so many great benefits that we love. The first being it will not break down when exposed to light and air. This truly gives it the power to hold under all of your other products and last all day, no matter what you plan to do. This ingredient can be used for all ages on most skin types making it so universal. It is also a hidden gem within the skincare community, people know to look out for Silicone Dimethicone but don't actually know why. 

Our top recommendation for luscious skin

Our Marine Miracle Créme contains Silicone Dimethicone and will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and more vibrant. This can not only be used in the night but also in the morning making it your go to creme for all around the clock! We love its rejuvenating and nourishing powers.  

Now we have scared away your silicone fears, we hope you'll have the confidence to nourish your skin to its full potential!  

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