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Skincare and your cycle- How to navigate through it

Skincare and your cycle- How to navigate through it

No matter how good your skincare is, there are always those days where you just don't understand why you are breaking out. You could have the best routine ever but if your cycle is changing, you could be doing the opposite of what's necessary. We are here today to guide you through the challenges of simply being women and how your cycle can actually affect your skin daily. 

Cycle days 1-6

Welcome to the beginning of your cycle, you should notice your skin becoming dry and sensitive. During this time your body will be experiencing low hormone levels which will translate into dull looking skin. Make sure to hydrate and nourish your skin a little more than usual. We recommend the FlawLess PhotoGlow for this, it has a sheer finish and is super moisturising!

Cycle days 7-11

Now you will find your cells reproducing faster and much more oestrogen production. During this time be sure to keep your skin clean and exfoliate often. Without exfoliating this can leave skin dry and no longer glowing. When your skin is facing an increase in oestrogen you may find that it will have a rough texture and lack of balance. Our top tips are to drink plenty of water and to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep to ensure the skin is looking refreshed and healthy.

Cycle days 12-16

This is where your oestrogen levels are at their peak, you will find your skin is looking its best during this time. Your skin will look glowy, hydrated and nourished, but everything comes with a price. Expect a little more oil on your skin due to sebum levels being higher. We recommend double cleansing thoroughly to avoid any unwanted breakouts and clogged pores. Why not try the Marine Miracle Créme to provide you with a further enhanced glow. 

Cycle days 17-28

Welcome to the world of increased oil glands production. The nightmare time of the month. Picture hormonal acne and blocked pores. Luckily this comes and goes quickly and now that you are prepared we can conquer it with great skin. Be sure to double cleanse if you are feeling oiler than usual. Our top tips during this time are to change pillowcases often and avoid touching your face throughout the day where possible. 

With a new influx of information you should be able to tackle each cycle and ensure great skin all around. Use the changes to your advantage. Rather than becoming upset about blocked pores, why not take the time to find a new face mask. Enjoy your skin and listen to what it is saying, after all it is the largest organ in your body!

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