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The secret to a lifted complexion and eye lift with skincare

The secret to a lifted complexion and eye lift with skincare

January can be a hard time for skin - dull, dry and dehydrated complexions are very normal around this time of year. Our founder Rosi has the secrets and tips to a lifted, glowing face which is achievable in just minutes with some application techniques and Transformulas best selling products. ​Discover where​ and how​ to apply ​your eye products using Rosi's easy to follow guide, creating a sculpted-looking complexion with a​n #IconicLift.​

​Get an #IconicLift​ using our MagicFaceFixers range​...

The first​ product which lifts the eye area instantly is the EyeLifting in a Tube. In under a minute, your eyes can go from hooded and drooping to lifted and sculpted using the seamless gel. To lift the under eye, sweep under the eye, (from the inside closest to the nose) towards the outer corner of the eye, ​and ​very gently tap in.​ Then for your ​Upper Eye​ and ​Brow Bone​, sweep under the eyebrow, on and across the brow bone, out towards the temple. Leave ​it ​to absorb for a few seconds (it will feel slightly sticky, but this disappears once fully absorbed).​ ​Using your index finger, gently tap in any excess across to the outer corner applying slight pressure, sweeping in an upwards and outwards lifting motion (for drainage).​ ​Sweeping once again applying slight pressure, hold the skin up under the arch of the brow for a few seconds then continue to sweep upwards and outwards – repeat if required.​ ​On the upper eye, please allow the gel to go slightly tacky before working the brow for a lift.  For the fine lines​ and ​crow’s feet, tap in the gel and smooth any excess to the outer corner of the eye. Do this whilst the gel is moist and first applied.  This will avoid dragging the delicate skin under the eye area and allow the formula to work its magic.

​For an extra tip which lifts the face, if you're applying a small amount of makeup too, you can use EyeLifting in a Tube to help set your eyebrow pencil/powder. One application and it’ll stay put all day. For best results use on bare, product-free skin, avoid moisturising on top as this can counteract the lift.

​Reduce eye bags and boost the undereye with the Flaw​Le​​​​ss EyeRetouch Serum​...​

As we age, skin loses elasticity and muscles weaken, meaning skin loosens, accumulating around the eyes, forming folds in the eyelids. The fat cells, which act as a cushion for the eyes in the sockets, move forward out of the ocular cavities and accumulate as bags around the eyelids. Puffiness can also be the result of fluid accumulation, known as eyelid oedema caused by poor lymphatic circulation and increased capillary permeability.

This eye perfecting concealer pen is our SOS against dark circles, tired, puffy eyes and helps eliminate signs of ageing. The key anti-ageing Ingredients in FlawLess EyeRetouch include EYESERYL® a potent Tetrapeptide with anti-oedema properties, proven in clinical trials to reduce puffy eye-bags, and EYESERYL® with a fluid draining effect to help minimise puffy eye-bags with 15 days of continued use.

Apply​ the creamy formula​ to areas around the eye area to minimise dark circles, reduce puffiness, correct uneven skin tone and conceal age spots as well adding radiance for a flattering, healthy, fresh faced flawless finish.​ ​When using for the first time, click the pen approximately twenty times until the product appears on the brush.​ ​Apply on bare skin, or over foundation on areas that need correcting or highlighting. Allow the product to absorb slightly into the skin to maximise its effectiveness and for buildable coverage. Blend with the brush applicator, fingertips or a concealer brush for an instant skin refresh.​ ​For a wide-eyed look apply to the inner corner and blend with the brush tip or a concealer brush.

​At Transformulas, we love a multi use product. To enhance that lift effect we're going for, use ​the product ​under the eye​ and sweep it​ to the top of the brow bone, to brighten up any dark areas and as a highlighter.​ Similarly you can use it on smile lines to bring natural light into creases around the mouth. Pat on to blend.​ Use ​it ​on the cupid’s bow to give the appearance of volume to the lip area​ too, and ​apply ​it on cheekbones to highlight your features for a natural sculpting effect. To define, apply under the cheekbone working from under the ear inward. Use to highlight other areas on the face – in-between eyebrows, forehead, down bright of the nose and onto the chin, anywhere light naturally hits the face for a flattering effect. Our Founder Rosi recommends: This product has multi-uses to help de-age, conceal and correct, as well as highlighting and priming. 

Finish with the FlawLess PhotoGlow SPF30+ for a lifted glowing face...

 Finish off by giving yourself a glowing face all over with the FlawLess PhotoGlow SPF30+ - our skin saviour and protectant. A daily shield against free radicals, UVA and UVB Rays. Founder Rosi created this light and airy formula as an alternative to the Marine Miracle Créme in order to offer SPF in the product range. A revolutionary, innovative créme, FlawLess PhotoGlow is the only crème to utilise both SPF and Drone Technology on the market. The Drone Technology penetrates deep into the skin and targets the necessary skin cells. PhotoGlow also regenerates skin cells, regulates collagen synthesis, strengthens, and thickens the skin, evens skin tones and age spots. Absolutely perfect for the morning when you're looking for a light layer to protect and moisturise the skin, it contains multi-vitamins, anti-wrinkle properties and antioxidants, giving your skin instant luminosity and natural radiance. Before you leave the house, apply your PhotoGlow and you'll be ready to face whatever the day has in store. It's called FlawLess for a reason!

There you have it - some tips, tricks and application instructions for our best lifting products. You don't need to take drastic measures to lift your features! Let's tackle the New Year head on with confidence and a glowy complexion, together!​

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