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Top 3 tips for hyperpigmentation

Top 3 tips for hyperpigmentation - Transformulas


So, you have hyperpigmentation . Or at least you’re concerned about the future condition of your skin and how hyperpigmentation can play a part in it. Either way it’s about time to debunk the myths and get the facts straight, don’t you think? The truth is although most people have already experienced this harmless and extremely common skin condition at some point in their lives, It can be quite troublesome and become a factor that cripples our overall self confidence.

Hyperpigmentation is a medical term that refers to dark patches and spots that can appear on the surface of the skin with excess melanin production. The dark patches are usually caused by sun damage, hormone changes (to which we’d use the term melasma), Inflammation in the skin caused by acne, eczema, lupus, or injury to the skin, and in certain cases a reaction to certain prescription drug use.

Generally people with darker skin tones, as well as those who use specific medications like oral contraceptives, are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation since they naturally have more pigment from melanin. To help our fellow sufferers of the skin condition we’ve devised the top 3 best ingredients and methods that help to prevent, treat and conceal hyperpigmentation. After all, your skin health will only be as good as the products you use!  So here are 4 steps of your skincare routine that can help reduce hyperpigmentation:



The most effective way to prevent hyperpigmentation is to regularly apply sunscreen. Since UV rays are a well-known trigger for melasma and can make hyperpigmentation darker, wearing sunscreen can help prevent melasma from flaring up and hyperpigmentation from getting worse.

Although SPF protection is widely regarded as the best form of prevention against hyperpigmentation, a lesser known tip would be that it’s beneficial for your skin to reapply your SPF throughout the day. SPF and sunscreen generally last for only a few hours, so for maximum protection against hyperpigmentation it’s best to stick close to products that have a silkier consistency that can penetrate the skin underneath makeup without creating a layer of grease that can be generated by most SPF products.

Our favourite has to be none other than the Flawless PhotoGlow SPF 30+, an amazing award winning, multi-tasking moisturiser is your skins’ insurance policy, guarding against UV rays and environmental aggressors to offer complete daily protection and an ultimate complexion transformer. It also works brilliantly when applied over makeup as your everyday SPF top up!

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Although not an aid to decreasing hyperpigmentation condition within the skin, certain concealers or skincare make-up hybrids are extremely helpful in bringing your confidence up to face everyday as fearlessly as the last. That’s why it’s best recommended to wear a light and easy concealer while simultaneously continuing your day and night skincare routines to reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation.

We’d personally recommend doubling up usage on our Flawless EyeRetouch to not only use on your dark circles but also on patches of hyperpigmentation. Our Flawless EyeRetouch is a product that perfectly protects against signs of ageing as well as concealing dark circles and areas of hyperpigmentation, The skincare and makeup hybrid product is the best product for instant results.

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Vitamin C

You probably already know that vitamin C is an essential part of a balanced diet. Your daily dose can help boost your immunity and offers a number of other benefits for your overall health. But did you know that Vitamin C also helps fade hyperpigmentation and signs of sun damage?

Vitamin C is effective in reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation by decreasing melatonin formation and fading dark spots. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties are super effective in neutralizing the free radicals formed by UV rays or pollution. The anti-inflammatory action of vitamin C can also prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

As vitamin C is an unstable compound when unaccompanied, it is often combined with other agents for better results. That’s why we’d recommend it as an ingredient in the skincare products you use, such as our amazing Marine Miracle Creme! It offers ingredients such as marine algae, giant sea kelp and sea salt extracts to supplement the vitamin C in its efforts to restore your skin to its previous state as well as making your skin soft as silk with the amazing ingredients packed in!

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In addition to this list, incorporating ingredients such as vitamin A , azelaic acid, niacinamide, kojic acid, arbutin, AHAs e.g. glycolic acid, licorice root extract and mulberry extract into your daily routine can improve skin pigmentation on the face.

Dark spots can take 6-12 months to fade, and if the darker pigment is deep into the skin, healing may take years.However, using the right treatment can help make a world of difference to speeding up the healing process.

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