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What does alcohol do to our skin? And how can you rescue your skin throughout the festive season? Our founder Rosi Chapman shares her tips!

What does alcohol do to our skin? And how can you rescue your skin throughout the festive season? Our founder Rosi Chapman shares her tips!

As the year heads into the festive season, our consumption tends to go up. So, it’s reasonable to ask: how does alcohol affect our skin? We all love a Christmas tipple and it's certainly not ideal to avoid it altogether, but what can we do to look after our skin at the same time if we want to be glowing under the Christmas tree? Our founder Rosi has all the answers for you...

What does alcohol do to our skin? 

Alcohol in excess can really have severe effects on the skin - changes can include dry skin and it can most definitely also worsen underlying skin conditions. Dehydration is what causes most of the problems. Alcohol is a diuretic, it causes the body to make and release more urine, which means when you're drinking, you're losing more water and salt than usual. Your skin therefore becomes dehydrated, which visibly manifests in the form of dry skinsunken eyes, decreased elasticity and dry lips. The best way to avoid this when drinking this festive season is to stop and have a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink! Or make a reminder on your phone to have water as often as you can!

Alcohol can also cause the blood vessels under the skin to dilate - which makes you look 'flushed' or red and puffy. Similarly if you suffer regularly with skin conditions like rosacea (a skin condition that can cause irritation and pimples on a person’s face), alcohol can worsen this. Symptoms of rosacea include:

  • redness
  • dilated blood vessels
  • small red bumps
  • pus-filled spots on the face

Lots of people similarly suffer with eczema, especially during the colder months, and eczema tends to occur more often in people who drink a large quantity of alcohol. To combat all of this, water really is the answer. Of course in the cases of skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea, a person will need to continue treatment separately as alcohol isn't the root cause of the condition.

Which alcoholic drinks should you avoid? 

Alcohol is usually, unfortunately (!) high in sugar, so whether it’s from mixers or the alcohol itself, the sugar will crystallise in your skin cells, making the skin appear dull and adding to that dehydration. The 'worst' alcoholic drinks for the skin include darker spirits like rum and whiskey - which are popular during the festive season! Rum contains a huge amount of sugar which is what makes it one of the biggest culprits. So avoid Jack Daniels and Coke at the Christmas party if you can. After dark spirits come gin, vodka and tequila which all contain fewer additives and can be processed by our bodies quicker - so they are better for you if you're drinking in quantity, but still not 'good!' When it comes to wine, red wine isn’t filtered like other drinks - so your kidneys have to do a lot of work to process it. Therefore flushing will be at play if you drink it and if you suffer from rosacea, you should avoid it. White wine has a high sugar content which will result in inflammation and puffy skin.

Which mixers are best for our skin?

Now the best mixers for the skin are those which keep you as hydrated as possible. Think sparkling water and seltzers. Alcohol dehydrates your skin because your kidneys are working to flush it out - refuelling the kidneys with water will help them to do that. To help also, after a night out, stick to your skincare routine. Taking your makeup off and properly cleanse your skin before bed will help keep acne and other issues at bay after a night of drinking. Finish off your routine with a super hydrating cream like our Marine Miracle Créme, which will help skin to become softer, vibrant and more firm. You need deep hydration after drinking.

Which skincare products should I use to hydrate after drinking?

We all know water is our best friend and we should drink more of it, but sometimes life gets too busy and we forget - or we've been drinking too much at the Christmas party and we need to REhydrate! To help fix dehydrated skin without surgery, my tips are to maximise your moisturiser, make a date with a face mask, avoid hot water and always go gentle on the skin and drink plenty of water. My secret trick is to moisturise with the Miracle Crème as a face mask by applying a thin layer onto the skin, relaxing for 30 mins (rub in any excess) or even overnight, and the difference is incredible. Our most hydrating products are the:

 Marine Miracle Créme, £96

  • The signature moisturiser, this rich and luxurious wonder cream uses the natural healing benefits of algae, sea kelp and sea salt combined with an advanced anti-ageing formula. Deeply hydrating, but lightweight, it nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, minimising fine lines and transforming the skin so that it’s noticeably more radiant. 90% felt they had increased skin firmness after 28 days.

 Marine Miracle EyeZone, £49

  • Rejuvenates & Firms your skin, 84% improved elasticity & resilience in 30 days
  • 100% of people saw a reduction of puffiness & dark circles after 28 days
  • Proven in encouraging cell regeneration

My other trick would be to focus on waking up the eyes - after a bad night's sleep or a bit of a hangover, you'll want to lift the eye area as instantly as possible. Do this by trying out our:

 EyeLifting in a Tube, £36

  • With active ingredients from the Tree of Everlasting Youth (Beech Tree Bud Extract/Fagus Sylvatica), EyeLifting in a Tube delivers the ultimate boost for tired, heavy, hooded eyes. Dubbed an eyelift in a tube for a good reason, this is the ultimate choice to restore the eye area, smooth the appearance of fine lines and elevate the skin around the eyes for a rejuvenated lift. 

FlawLess EyeWakeup Serum, £54

  • Attracts moisture and reinvigorates tired skin, reducing eye bags and crows
  • up to 70% improvement of eye puffiness in just 15 days!
  • Harnessing anti-wrinkle-relaxing South American "Mafane" flowering herb, to soothe and smoothen your skin, strengthening the skin from the inside

Do all of this, and no one will know you were drinking at all! Merry Christmas!🎄 

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