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Why is my nightly routine not effective enough?

Why is my nightly routine not effective enough? - Transformulas

The Night routine, an enigma. Why do we NEED to have two separate routines a day? Why isn’t one routine enough? These thoughts may be running through your mind as you look through the crumpled boots receipts at the bottom of your bag for an assortment of night creams. But there’s no need to wonder! We have all the information for what a nightly routine does as well as ways your skin can benefit from a strong PM routine…


1) We’d like to clarify that although it’s called a nightly routine this does not mean you start your regiment right before bed, this is a very common misconception and as skincare experts to hear someone say they practice their nightly routine before they lay their head down to sleep is the first red flag for us.Our skin has something called a circadian rhythm, meaning it acts differently in the daytime than it does at night. Our repair processes that naturally heal and work on our skin actually kick in much earlier than in the night. With our repair system up in arms earlier in the day it means that this will be prime time to give our skin the extra boost it needs before you hit the hay.


2) USE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS: Let Transformulas break it down for you babe. During the daytime our skin produces more sebum to defend itself against everyday environmental aggressors. With the absence of environmental aggressors during the nighttime our skins rhythm changes and goes on the offence, beginning its repairing process without worrying about the defense system. While collecting products for your daily routine to protect the skin you should also be shopping for active products for the evening, think peptides and retinol. You should begin seeing a massive change in how your skin feels shortly after changing up your products!


3) NEVER SKIP MOISTURISER!: Another huge misconception that we still shake our heads about, people skipping certain steps because they’re afraid that their skin won’t ‘breath’ through the night. Our skin does not have a respiratory system so there is no reason to have to skip any step in our skincare, as a matter of fact our bare skin is more susceptible to dehydration and results in dry-cell build up. It can make your skin look more dry and dull overtime and contribute to breakouts, so basically skipping our moisturiser during the night is definitely a bad idea.


4) SLEEP YOUR FULL 8 HOURS: This tip should be an extra step in everyone's nightly routine because of how much it affects our complexion making the skin appear dull and tired. During the day, you’re in a vertical position and gravity pushes blood and fluid downwards, away from our face. Seven or eight hours of a good night’s sleep will help to balance it out due to the flat, horizontal nature of the body. Also, lack of sleep and increased stress can aggravate all kinds of skin conditions, including breakouts, eczema, and psoriasis.


5) CHANGE YOUR PILLOWCASE FREQUENTLY: Sleeping on a dirty pillow is basically reintroducing all those blemish-causing bacteria back into your skin again while we’re sleeping, while our skin is focused on the offense its defensive structure is much more relaxed than during the day making it more susceptible to environmental aggressors. Sleeping with a fresh pillow every night will make a huge difference, and you can always flip the pillow over for an extra night's sleep.


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