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Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Skincare Routine

Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Skincare Routine - Transformulas


Picture this; You’re practicing your nightly skincare routine and notice your skin feels a little different. A couple blemishes that weren’t there last night, dry patches, or your skin feeling more oily than usual. Your diet has been the same so there’s no reason for your skin to be breaking out. So you decide to skip your usual routine….

You may think skipping your skincare a night or two is similar to intermediate fasting, great for health and wellness and gets you more in tune with how your body feels, like turning the power button off and on again. But skipping your skincare routine is nothing like this and is not advised by any skincare experts, your skin is in need of it’s everyday moisturisers, cleansers and SPF to preserve it against every day aggressors such as the environment, pollution, grime and dirt in the air that our skin needs our help fighting against. If your skin is more on the sensitive side, stopping your skincare for even one night could make your skin's protective barrier weaken substantially.


 If your skin is breaking out and flaring up it’s because that’s it’s only way of communicating to us what it needs, when you begin your skincare routine you notice your skin glowing, blemishes vanishing and feeling smooth and refreshed.  The solution to these off periods is to simply change up the routine, re-jig the products you use to something your skin reacts better to.


But one thing to note, If you have skipped your skincare routine for a night and in over 24-48 hours you feel a difference in your skin, this could be a sign that the products you’re using aren’t effective. Your skincare routine shouldn’t just be providing surface level aesthetics but work to deeply nourish and heal your skin, so this could be a sign to upgrade your products.


If you feel as though you’re in need of a product upgrade, our Marine Skin Discovery Duo could be just what you need for healing and deep nourishment:


Marine Miracle Creme: Infused with marine algae, giant sea kelp and sea salt extracts, our Marine Miracle Creme is deeply hydrating and uses the natural healing benefits of essential marine nutrients to feed the skin. It has proven to show longer lasting results in less than 30 days and keeps skin looking plumper and smoother and deeply nourishing the skin and locking in that moisture!

Marine Miracle Eyezone: An award winning eye-cream, the Marine Miracle Eyezone is designed to visibly smooth, firm and hydrate the eye area as well as reduce your dark circles and improve signs of ageing. Not only maintaining a visible difference but contains marine plant extracts and five times ultra-concentrated ALDAVINE 5X ™ which improves cell regeneration. 

Flawless PhotoGlow SPF 30+ : Our Flawless PhotoGlow has built in SPF 30+ and is a multi tasking radiance moisturiser so perfect for wearing alone or even under makeup as a primer. Rich in anti-oxidants the Flawless PhotoGlow makes a perfect addition to your routine that can block those UV rays all year round.


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