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Puffy Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Are you starting to see mild swelling below your eyes? It could appear overnight or slowly creep up on you, usually caused by natural ageing. To help without surgery: Natural remedies are the best chance of working if causes are due to lifestyle, such as poor diet, lack of sleep and chronic stress. Cut back on salty foods that increase fluid retention, drink water, get a good night’s sleep and look at ways to deal with stress management .

Our Founder Rosi Recommends - "Keep in the fridge; the chill will give you the additional wakeup buzz and lessen inflammation and swelling by reducing blood flow, in fact, you can use anything cold, ice packs, a bag of frozen peas, chilled spoons over closed eyes will work wonderfully too."

Marine Miracle EyeZone - creative water shot
Flawless Eyewakeup Serum
FlawLess EyeRetouch Serum - Transformulas
FlawLess EyeRetouch Serum - Transformulas
FlawLess WakeUp & Glow - Transformulas

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